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Article: Father's Day Gift Guide:  Keeping Dad Safe and Fashionable. 

Father's Day Gift Guide:  Keeping Dad Safe and Fashionable. 

We know Father’s Day is coming around the corner.  Since wearing some type of face covering is the new normal, why not get your dad a practical gift like a reusable mask, but with a sense of humor or style? 

We scoured the internet for some of our favorites from small business owners like ourselves on Etsy and the web. 

Word of advice, when shopping online please note most of the masks featured have one size only.  Some might be small on Dad but still make a great gift. 

Some are made of knit fabric, which will give you no room for your nose or mouth but will stretch for comfort.

Most masks will not have a pocket or filter but some will. Remember this is not medical grade masks.

  • Humourist
  1.  Beer Loving Dad $12 (One Size Only) 

2. Hipster Dad:  $13.99  (M, L)


3. I Am Your Father  $22.79  (One Size)

4. Classic Tie Gift  $12.50 (One Size)


5. Cigar Aficionado $16.95 (One Size) 

6. Handy Daddy $24 (One Size)

  • Stylish

1. Metrosexual Dad $89 (5 Sizes. Shirt and Masks)

2. Gone Fishing Dad $18 (One Size)

Of course, this list would not be complete without our masks. 

This is the first time in 20 years in business, we finally get to dress the most important man in your life.  We are so excited!
This is not exactly a full-blown collection, but we started with a utilitarian and breathable design that will protect, fit, and make him feel a little more dapper to start. 
“ When I started designing masks, making one to protect my husband was paramount. The key to keeping him safe was fit, and he wanted coverage and comfort, so naturally he became my fit model. A lot of lessons were learned from testing so many different styles and shapes. Who knew men’s heads are so much bigger than ours? The mask also needed more protrusion to accommodate for his Caucasian nose and air circulation. After many fittings, the M/L gave him the coverage and comfort he requested, and now it's his go-to mask. Thanks to my husband, we now offer four different sizes, ranging from XS-XL in our Antibacterial Neoprene Mask. I am so happy I can provide the same level of protection for your loved ones, like I did for my husband.”  Chloe Dao.

1. Active Dad  $25 ( XS-XL). Design for performance wear, breathability, sweat resistance, UV protection, silver ion infused fabric with antibacterial properties. 


2. All American Dad: $12- $25 Cotton Gingham/Navy Eyelet



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