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Cotton Box Pleated Face Mask with Filter Pockets

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Houston for Houston

Until something as big as a worldwide pandemic basically shuts everything down, we don't realize all the things we take for granted. Going out, even just driving to work, is something we find ourselves missing. What seemed as a mandatory and menial task of our daily lives, we now crave after weeks of quarantine. Those lazy days off of work we enjoyed running errands, shopping and having dinner out and about, simply vanished.

Even though we're all ready to run outside wild and free, deep down, we're aware that a post Covid-19 world, means continual social distancing and practicing safety measures. After all this time, the world seems to slowly be re-opening like a shy oyster with a beautiful pearl inside. If the pearls are restaurants and retails stores, and offices.

In recent years, small businesses have had to work harder to keep up amongst retail giants and chains. No matter what country, city or town, every small business has to fight for survival, and during this pandemic, the circumstances were far more exaggerated. It became even more important that we support our local businesses. To quote the talented Emma Watson, "As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy".

As store fronts, cafes, and business all around us re-open carefully, it goes without saying that supporting small businesses plays a major part in re-boosting our local economy. Here in Houston, local startup TurnTurn, hosted a shopping event for Houstonians to shop local and support small business. There is no better way for us to get involved with our local community, all from the comfort of our own homes.

In the spirit of comradery and community, we partnered with over a dozen local businesses and hosted an online shopping event, HoustonforHouston. It's an honor to be among a list of esteemed local institutions like Tootsies, Elizabeth Anthony, Cotton Club Collection, Beehive, Trés Chic, Swoon, and many more!

Although the sale was for a day, we did recent markdowns to our merchandise and brought in new items to help us grow out of our quarantine blues just in time for summer. Brighten up your day with some new pieces to keep you looking fresh, even if it's only for a backyard BBQ. 

Houston, are you ready?