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600 N Shepherd Dr. Houston, TX 77007

Welcome to

Chloe Dao at M-K-T

Step into a world where art and style collide. Let us help you tell your story through fashion. We’re not just a boutique; we’re an experience waiting to be discovered. We value timeless style and customized fit, over trends and mass production. Each curated boutique piece is handpicked. Every couture piece is made locally, with care. We believe in the power of clothes. We invite you to wander, to touch the fabrics, to try on. We want to help you invest and build a unique wardrobe to simplify your daily dressing and style choices. A well-curated wardrobe will command authority, without sacrificing your style or femininity. 

In 2021, we opened a location at M-K-T Heights. When you first step into the boutique, you are welcomed by Chloe’s love of color and fun, vibrant side. As you proceed, the black room is inspired by Bergdorf Goodman’s noir room, “to exude dark glamour, power and femininity and offer the promise of seduction.” As you enter the Atelier dressing area, we walk you through our different services—Atelier, Customized Cuts, Made to Order Runway and our newest addition, Something Old, Something New. 

You can be playful, you can be dark and you can be glamourous all at once in the world of Chloe Dao M-K-T.

Our purpose

Our purpose has always been to make everyone feel beautiful at every milestone. We have been fortunate for the past 25 years to dress our clients for their most important moments in life—from a first dance, to sorority rush, then later, the wedding. We have walked alongside our customers during their journey, readied them for work, dressed them for a fun night out and adorned them for galas. It is as much an honor to dress the 13-year-old for her Bat Mitzvah, as it is a lovely 70-year-old for her second-love wedding. We are your fashion friends and experts; your fashion partners throughout life. 

our values

We believe being kind and non-judgmental are paramount and giving back to the community is a core value.


A commitment to our environment is something we stand by. No scrap of fabric ever goes to waste. In the past, we have donated fabric remnants to the Texas Art Asylum and local quilters and bolts of fabric. We are passionate about using deadstock to craft limited runs of garments, giving new life to these wonderful bolts of fabric that might otherwise go unused. 

After having been part of the Rice Village District for 23 years, the Chloe Dao Boutique-Rice location closed February 2023. Thank you for the memories!