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Store Manager

Who are your style icons?

Donna Karan- for her clean, sophisticated, yet easy style. And Gela Nash-Taylor, co-founder of Juicy Couture, whose style is over the top, eclectic, and super fun. 

What is your favorite fashion advice to give?

Don't go by the size on the label, go by the way the garment makes you feel. 

Just try anything! Don't be afraid of color or print, or a silhouette that is outside your comfort zone.  You may not love it on the hanger, but you may love it on.

I can always tell when someone has on the right piece on, because they light up as they come out of the dressing room.

Do you have a favorite client story? 

I have so many! But my favorites are when someone is unsure of their size or their style and they come into the boutique a little apprehensive and they leave with an amazing dress and a smile. 

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Who are your style icons?

Iris Apfel, Jennifer Lopez and Ashley Graham

What is your favorite fashion advice to give?

Focus on the fit and not the size. Brands and designers sizes can vary, so don’t focus on a number but on how it feels and fits on your body. You can always alter something to flatter your natural shape. 

Do you have a favorite client story? 

I remember helping a lovely mother/daughter duo that came in. Her other daughter was getting cancer treatment in the medical center, so they were just passing the time. The sweet girl was so surprised to find pieces that came in “plus size”. She tried on all the pieces and ending up loving all of them. Her mom and I were crying because she explained that her daughter had the hardest time shopping and finding cute clothes in her size. They both left the store smiling ear to ear.

No matter the size or shape, I want everyone I style to leave the boutique feeling like the best version of themselves!

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Who are your style icons?

Natasha Lyonne, Emma Chamberlain, Bianca Jagger, Chloe Sevigny, Julia Hobbs, Anne Hathaway,  Molly Blustien, Alexa Chung, Jeanne Damas, Courtney Trop, to name a few...

What is your favorite fashion advice to give?

Just be yourself, find what you really love and immerse yourself in it!

Don’t take fashion too seriously it’s just an extension of yourself you still are the key element so have fun with it!

Also haters are always going to hate.

Do you have a favorite client story? 

One of my favorite things is when I pull an outfit for a client and I see their faces light up when they try it on. I love to make our clients feel special and heard, and show them that shopping can be really fun.

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