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    Since March 18th, Chloe and our team have been working non-stop making face masks for the public and workers in the medical field. We wanted to help our community in such a dire time. Chloe, who was at the forefront of making masks as the demand began to grow, and team have been able to support our local communities, as well as support those in need around the country. 

    While we are thankful for the outpouring of donations and kind words, what has helped our team keep going have been the stories of those we have assisted. Lifelong customers and new faces have shared how we have been able to make their everyday life and work so much easier and safer. 

    James, asked for 50 masks to send to his mother who runs a hospital cafeteria in Louisiana, his sister who’s a nurse in Louisiana, and his other sister who’s a nurse at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles. 

    Nurse Susanna wearing our mask while she works a night shift at LBJ.

    Longtime customer Allison picked up masks for her family, as several members have compromised immune systems. 

    Priya has family members that work in healthcare all over the country, so she asked for 104 masks to send them. 

    Molly with the Ronald McDonald House is super excited to share the masks with all the kids.

    Founder of Passion for Fashion, Kay King picked up some masks for her and husband. 

    As we continue to soldier on, we hope that the ongoing work that our team, as well as members of the community inspire you, and bring some light and joy during these trying times.